Wellness Wednesday: Headache Awareness Day

For today’s WW we are giving our readers a little history lesson in the world of pain relievers…

Today is International Headache Awareness Day!
Why today? On this day in 1899 aspirin was patented from the German pharmaceutical company Bayer. Take this day as a reminder of how many other options you have to reduce your headaches instead of resorting to OTC pain relievers: chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, massage, keeping hydrated… and the list goes on! 

Not sure what your headache triggers are? Here is a tip for the day: keep a headache diary!  

In this diary you should include things such as headache frequencies and types, what you eat, drink, your stresses, etc. Whenever a headache occurs, refer back to your diary to see what you did earlier that may trigger an attack. Did you skip your morning coffee? Did you only drink 1 glass of water today? Are you having shoulder and neck pain from a tense and stressful week at work? This is the best headache tool you can have, as it truly helps you get to the root of your pain; something OTC’s can not provide!


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