Wellness Wednesday: Facebook and Finals

Wellness Wednesday: Facebook and Finals

Attention students!
Are finals starting to stress you out? Are you worried you won’t have enough time to prepare? Do you have Facebook?

For today’s Wellness Wednesday we’re looking at the relationship between Facebook usage and University life. Since finals are nearing in the next few weeks, we would like to give you a tool that will help reduce social networking distractions, such as Facebook, in order to increase studying time and reduce stress!

It is pretty simple. For those of you who have Google Chrome as your web browser (if not, you can download it for free!) then check out the Chrome extension we’ve provided below called “StayFocused”. This is designed to give you the ability to block any websites you like, for however long you choose. It is an excellent and efficient way of increasing productivity and reduces common distractions like Facebook.

Try it! Here is the link



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