To Cram…Or Not To Cram??

Now that the last day of classes is upon us, many students are getting into final exam study mode. This can often be a stressful time of year because students tend to have less sleep, do not eat properly and dedicate most of their days to studying constantly. Many students feel that in order to learn as much information as possible it is a good idea to stay up “cramming” the night before an exam. If this sounds like something you might do, take some time to read the info gram posted below. You might be surprised what research has to say about cramming.

The Science of Study
Source: Best Education Degrees

Now you know more about  how our brain learns new information, and also how poor study methods can have a negative impact on grades…  what tips will you use to improve your own study methods?

Use these ideas to create positive study habits that decrease stress and improve the results of your exam!


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