Stressed by Technology & Devices?

The most effective strategies to decrease technostress
(the stress or illness caused by working with computers/devices/technology daily)  are :
  • Turn off notifications   (from FaceBook, Twitter, etc).  
Constantly getting instant notifications can increase anticipation and anxiety  
(most commonly from a fear of missing something if you don’t check it out right away) 
  • Intention.   
When you go on-line, be very aware of your intention  –  of why you’re getting online.  
And if you’re tempted to stray onto some click-bait, make it a conscious decision to follow that distraction.  
Reminding yourself of your reason for getting online and setting a time / number limit on distractions to help you avoid getting lost for hours down a rabbit hole.
  • Intersperse mindful breathing throughout your digital work. 
Ideally take 1 – 3 easy, calming breaths every five minutes,
then remind yourself of your goal/intention for this on-line session.

These are habits that develop with practice.  
Start with slow, easy breathing and remembering your intention.  


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