Stressed by Technology & Devices?

The most effective strategies to decrease technostress
(the stress or illness caused by working with computers/devices/technology daily)  are :
  • Turn off notifications   (from FaceBook, Twitter, etc).  
Constantly getting instant notifications can increase anticipation and anxiety  
(most commonly from a fear of missing something if you don’t check it out right away) 
  • Intention.   
When you go on-line, be very aware of your intention  –  of why you’re getting online.  
And if you’re tempted to stray onto some click-bait, make it a conscious decision to follow that distraction.  
Reminding yourself of your reason for getting online and setting a time / number limit on distractions to help you avoid getting lost for hours down a rabbit hole.
  • Intersperse mindful breathing throughout your digital work. 
Ideally take 1 – 3 easy, calming breaths every five minutes,
then remind yourself of your goal/intention for this on-line session.

These are habits that develop with practice.  
Start with slow, easy breathing and remembering your intention.  


For effective, practical stress management skills that enhance health and performance, check out the Stress Management & High Performance Clinic programs at

Kathy Somers, R.Kin, BCB


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