Parents’ stress management has profound impact on kids’ success and happiness

Your stress management is vital to your child’s happiness, health and success!

Robert Epstein reviewed decades of research to find the 10 essential parenting skills.  Then he analyzed them to rank the most important predictors of a strong parent-child bond and children’s happiness, health & success.

The most surprising finding was that a parent’s personal stress management was so vital.

It ranked # 2, just after showing your child love and affection.
Parenting experts who had been asked to predict the results had put stress management as # 8 on their list.  Nowhere near number 2.

Epstein wonders why they were so far off…  “is it because stress management is not widely taught in graduate programs… as an essential component of good parenting?  It should be.”

He also notes “parents are far better at educating their children and keeping them safe than they are at managing stress or maintaining a good relationship with the other parent,  even though the latter practices appear to have more influence on children.

Even more discouraging, stress management   ( # 2 in importance ) ranked 10th on the parent’s list of actual abilities.”

Epstein concludes that “fortunately, stress management practices such as meditation, imagery techniques, and breathing exercises can be learned, no matter what one’s natural tendencies.  People can also learn better organizational skills and even ways of managing stressful thinking.”

This research reinforces how wise it is to look after yourself                                                      by learning and using strong stress management skills.                                                                These skills strengthen with practice.

Give yourself permission to do what it takes to get better at decreasing your stress.

The ripple effects benefit your children immensely.

Those Top 10 competencies of the parent that predict good parenting outcomes are:
                 1. love and affection
                 2. stress management
                 3. relationship skills
                 4. autonomy and independence
                 5. education and learning
                 6. life skills
                 7. behaviour management
                 8. health
                 9. religion
               10. safety

Hug your child tonight.  

And manage your stress! 


For effective, practical stress management skills that enhance health and performance, check out the Stress Management & High Performance Clinic programs at

Kathy Somers, R.Kin, BCB


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