Cycling = stress relief

Decrease stress on the way to work.     Ride your bicycle !

This last week of May is Bike to Work week,

kicking off June’s Bike Month.

Have you been cycling to school or work, or just for fun?


It’s surprising how much research there is about the positive effects of cycling to work…

economic benefits…  environmental benefits…  and multiple health benefits.

Last year the British Journal of Medicine reported on a 5 year study that linked cycling to work with a substantial decrease in the risk of developing and dying from cancer or heart disease.

And a previous British study looking at 18,000 adult commuters over 18 years describes a significant difference between drivers and cyclists :   active commuting was associated with improved psychological wellbeing.

Other studies on cycling commuters find :

  • higher levels of mental wellbeing
  • fewer sick days taken from work
  • better sleep
  • decreased stress

Cycling is not only good for you, it’s fun.


Keep it simple.  Start small, going out once a week or more.

Get help from bike groups in your community.

Cycle with friends, or organize a “bikepool” to work.

Savour the time outdoors.

Decrease stress this week…   get on your bike.



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