Don’t Worry…Be Happy

Everyone worries –  worrying can help us create new ways to solve problems, but we need to learn when enough is enough and how to stop worrying when it becomes overwhelming.

5 Pitfalls that encourage worrying are:

  • Overestimating how bad a situation will be, thinking unrealistically.
  • Feeling a sense of urgency. Many problems do not have to be solved immediately- they can be dealt with in the future
  • Underestimating your strengths and abilities
  • Over-thinking problems without doing any actions to improve the situation
  • Uncertainty about the future

Strategies to STOP worry:

  • Challenge your thoughts in a realistic way.
  • Set a specific time during the day as “worry time”.
  • 2 minute limit – if you are not solving your worry within two minutes, stop and do something different for now
  • Practice coping with uncertainty by stepping out of your comfort zone in a healthy way daily.

Sometimes the most effective way to stop worry from creeping into our lives in an overwhelming way is to  write down  1) what you’re worrying about, 2) how you can effectively deal with it, and 3) if it is unavoidable, how you can cope.

If you’d like to learn more, check out the Stop Worrying workshop next Wednesday night.

Worry DOESN’T have to take over your thoughts!