Are you driving on this long weekend? Relax!

It’s important for your brain and body to be relaxed and at ease in the car.

Did you know that GM Canada encourages drivers to :
* reduce unneccessary muscle tension while driving
* frequently readjust body position to avoid muscle strain
* give yourself at least one full minute to unwind before leaving the vehicle
     (no matter how long the drive).

I also recommend using the brief break at every red light to relax your jaw & waist, and beathe more slowly and comfortably.

Frequent, quick breaks do rejuvenate mind and body.
Be kind to yourself.   Enjoy the drive.  Let go of stress and tension, even in the car!

Have a great long weekend.


National Relaxation Day – August 15!

What did you do to relax today?

Our brains and bodies thrive when we give them relaxation breaks!

Relaxation may not happen when watching TV or having a beer.  The definition of mind/body relaxation is slowing your metabolism to a restful, restorative, re-energizing state while you are awake and aware.  It’s a healthy, healing, power recharge.

Research shows the benefits of daily mind/body relaxation are many, including

  • decreased tension, anxiety, headaches, high blood pressure, and stress symptoms
  • enhanced healing, sleep
  • greater resistance to illness
  • increased energy, vitality, and performance 

So take a break today, and RELAX!

If you would like to learn some new relaxation techniques, the next Relaxation & Stress Management Skills Training programs begin on September 24 and October 15.