Holiday Sleep Tips

Holidays are often accompanied by changes in routine, expectations, eating behaviours, physical activities, social interactions, worries, and other stresses…. all of which can erode sleep. It may help to keep these sleep tips in mind over the holidays: Avoid expecting … Continue reading

Mood scrolling on social media ?

We click on social media to pass the time, especially when we’re bored or lonely. Social support and connection are vital to human health. Developing social connections, and keeping them strong, is a powerful stress management strategy.  Taylor calls it … Continue reading

How Are You Sleeping during COVID19 ?

Uncertainty, worry, stress, anxiety, and depression erode sleep.  This year’s annual World Sleep Day survey by Philips summarized information from over 13,000 adults in 13 countries, showing the impact of COVID19 on our sleep: 70% report one or more new … Continue reading

Anxious about returning to work or school ?

Seasons are changing, autumn is here, and many people are beginning to emerge from lockdown as businesses open and students begin the fall term. Return anxiety, sometimes called re-entry anxiety, appears to be common in Canadians of all ages. This anxiety can be … Continue reading

It’s Smart to Relax, Deeply

National Relaxation Day is AUGUST 15. This is a day to slow down, unwind, relax,and take a break from a fast-paced lifestyle (and the stresses of the pandemic). If you are not used to taking breaks in your day to relax and … Continue reading

Have a Relaxing Drive

Do you drive with your shoulders up around your ears or a death grip on your steering wheel? Do you have a headache when you arrive at your destination? During your vacation travels, or your time on the road this … Continue reading

A Healthy 24 Hours includes…

What do you tell yourself about sleep ?  That you should fall asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow ?  That you should sleep straight through the night without awakenings ? That you should have a great sleep … Continue reading

Energized ?

Are you having a high energy day today?   Our most important resource is not time.  It’s energy! Thayer contends that energy is an indicator of our psychophysiological functioning.  Did you know that the lower our energy level, the greater the risk … Continue reading

Sharpen Your Axe

There was a lumberjack who had just bought a new axe. The first day he felled 20 trees. Each succeeding day he worked longer and harder yet felled fewer and fewer trees. A friend asked, “why don’t you sharpen your axe?” He replied “I … Continue reading

Tethered to Technology?

Mobile technology makes it possible to work 24/7 from practically any location.  There are downsides to this! In addition to longer work hours and heavier workloads, being contacted by colleagues/customers after work hours or not fully disengaging from the job in … Continue reading