Sharpen Your Axe

There was a lumberjack who had just bought a new axe. The first day he felled 20 trees. Each succeeding day he worked longer and harder yet felled fewer and fewer trees. A friend asked, “why don’t you sharpen your axe?” He replied “I … Continue reading

Tethered to Technology?

Mobile technology makes it possible to work 24/7 from practically any location.  There are downsides to this! In addition to longer work hours and heavier workloads, being contacted by colleagues/customers after work hours or not fully disengaging from the job in … Continue reading

Exercise Your Social Muscles

Are you feeling isolated?    Or longing for moments of solitude after so many hours at home with your family during COVID?  If you were to draw a line representing a continuum between the two end points of   1)  loneliness and   2) too … Continue reading

Sleep well to decrease risk of COVID19?

Physically distance, wear a mask, and…. sleep well ??….  to decrease risk of COVID Last year the Cleveland Clinic published a data analysis of their patients, reporting that those taking melatonin had significantly lower odds of developing COVID or dying … Continue reading

Tech Neck ?

Are you spending mo​re time on computers, tablets and phones compared to a year ago? This fall when I began running virtual programs and meetings on-line, my neck and shoulders became very tight.  I quickly realized that all of those hours … Continue reading

Is Your Brain in the Sweet Spot?

Did you know that our brain is always seeking to be in the sweet spot between novelty and predictability?  During last spring’s escalating COVID stress and the drastic interruptions to our activities, I bet you heard advice to keep to a routine as … Continue reading

‘Move’ with change

COVID19 has changed so many things in our lives!  We are trying to navigate return to work and students going back to school, all while following precautions to prevent spread of the virus.  Uncertainty and worry about these changes are … Continue reading


National Relaxation Day is August 15. This is a day to slow down, unwind, relax,and take a break from a fast-paced and hectic lifestyle. In the 1970’s when Dr. Evelyn Bird, a professor in the Department of Human Kinetics at University of … Continue reading

The Power of Awe

Think back to a time when you were able to capture a moment of amazement… of beauty… It could be while watching a graceful dance, or a sunbeam on tulips, or raindrops dropping into a puddle.  It could be while … Continue reading

Flying like an Eagle through COVID19

Yes, there are ways to increase our resiliency as we live through a pandemic! One of my favourite articles about coping with COVID19 stress and anxiety is from Jessica Del Pozo. She talks of Folkman’s research from the 1990s HIV/AIDS … Continue reading