Stress Skills Help Us Cope

You can learn skills to decrease stress, even the severe stress of a life threatening illness. Judith Moskowitz found that a 5 session skills course was more effective                            … Continue reading

Turn down the noise!

Noise can be annoying.  It can increase our stress, disturb sleep, and make it hard to think.    And traffic noise is hard on our health! Traffic noise (aircraft, railway, and road traffic) increases blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, and … Continue reading

Our Skin Responds to Stress

Our skin in the largest organ in our body.  And it talks! An electrodermal skin response is part of our stress reaction.  In fact, the galvanic skin response (GSR) was first measured in the 1870’s and is still used today for biofeedback … Continue reading

Too much exposure to bad news

Turn off the news! Too much exposure to negative news increases our feelings of distress. People who saw more than 6 hours of media reports after the Boston Marathon bombings were experiencing more distress that individuals who were actually present at … Continue reading