Worry Feeds Anxiety

In these unprecedented and rapidly changing times amidst the turbulent COVID19 news,
it’s more important than ever to manage the stress and take steps to look after yourself.

If you’re feeling more stress this week, or sleeping less, you are not alone!

Pandemic news and images from around the world are flooding our screens,
and COVID19 precautionary measures are increasing anxiety.

Uncertainty feeds worry.

And worry is a part of anxiety.

In fact, the definition of anxiety is “an apprehensive expectation and worry”.

If worry is sometimes getting the better of you, I have made a video for you,
sharing a few tips on how to start curbing it :    https://youtu.be/kNr2epKV134

To stay strong in mind and body, and get through this period with more grace, I recommend :

*  Focus more on what you can control, than on the things you cannot control.

*  Get outdoors.

*  Actively move your body.

*  Connect with those who are important to you.
(Practice social distancing  –  do not cut yourself off.)

*  If you’re feeling significant distress, contact your health care professionals.

*  Eat nutritiously.

*  Protect your sleep time.

*  Laugh.

*  Do things you enjoy.

*  Look after your body if you’re spending time on screens.
(tips : https://peperperspective.com/2020/03/19/reducing-techstress-at-home/  )

*  Relax…

     Want to do some quick relaxation right now ?  Listen to the free, 5 minute relaxation at

I have posted other free 5 minute versions that you can listen to anytime you need a brief relaxation break :    

For more practice in self-calming :   If you would like to purchase 30 minute  relaxation audio recordings that I have made, visit  https://www.selfregulationskills.ca/relaxation-audio/


Some further tips that others have shared with me over the past week :

  • Think more carefully about the news you choose to view.
    Get information from reliable trusted sources, like local government or public health agencies.
  • Limit the amount of time spent on the news each day (including on social media).
  • Listen to the news carefully with an attitude of managed concern
    rather than pushing the fear button.
  • “Accept that it’s OK to feel anxious, but it’s also good to challenge your thoughts and ask if your response is reasonable.
    Remember that while it’s very serious, most people are going to recover. So at this time it’s really important to take care of yourself, to practice self-care.”

    Margaret Eaton, Canadian Mental Health Association 
  • As difficult as it can be, remember that we have the power to choose our reactions.
  • Start a gratitude journal.
  • Practice compassionate care for others.
  • Choose to believe the best in one another. Choose hope over fear.
  • Dan Sullivan’s ‘Scary Times’ Success Manual proposes:1.   Forget about yourself, focus on others.
    2.   Forget about your commodity, focus on your relationships.
    3.   Forget about the sale, focus on creating value.
    4.   Forget about your losses, focus on your opportunities.
    5.   Forget about your difficulties, focus on your progress.
    6.   Forget about the “future,” focus on your today.
    7.   Forget about who you were, focus on who you can be.
    8.   Forget about events, focus on your responses.
    9.   Forget about what’s missing, focus on what’s available.
    10. Forget about your complaints, focus on your gratitude.

I hope that you’re comfortably managing the stresses through these rapidly changing times,
and that reading this e-mail gets you focusing on self-care activities and connecting with the things that are important.

Keep looking after yourself!

For effective, practical stress management skills that enhance health and performance, check out the Stress Management & High Performance Clinic programs at    https://www.SelfRegulationSkills.ca.

Kathy Somers, R.Kin, BCB











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